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Every day millions of people are required to perform material handling tasks, enabling loads to be transferred and moved through space and time in order to reach their next destination.  We know this is not an easy job, these activities require a substantial amount of effort, both physical and mental in order to be carried out.

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Mulidirectional technology
Can you imagine a wheel on a fixed mount capable of moving in every direction?

Sounds like an easy concept but in reality much more difficult to engineer it. Rotacaster is the only true and reliable Omni directional wheel, covered by patent, ready to be used in many fields of application. By making use of this innovative technology it is practically possible to move 360°, make full rotations, execute lateral and diagonal movements in a smooth and natural way through a universal, versatile and durable platform.
Through the use of Rotacasters on both our products and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) custom applications it is possible to obtain remarkable advantages when using transportation and manual handling systems. The ease provided when shifting loads, the total control on direction, the lower number of operations required by the operator during deliveries, the reduction in the amount of the overall effort exerted, all of these benefits are just some of the major advantages that is possible to achieve when providing your workforce with a safe ergonomic equipment.
Rotacaster multi directional wheel takes material handling activities to a superior level. Its integration on many applicational features helps to reduce the effort and save execution time during manual handling activities. By eliminating the most common inefficiencies such as absence from work related injuries, high maintenance costs and correlated downtime costs, long execution times, and short product life cycles, we make it possible to reach higher productivity gains reflected throughout the entire organization.